Congratulations on taking the time to look at your Personal Life Insurance!

We take the hassel out of reviewing your insurance and combine this with accurate professional advice and commitment to protect you and your loved ones over the long term.

Step1: We clarify what you need (and what you don’t) according to your priorities and budget.

Step 2: We obtain options from across the market giving you transparency of the best available plans and pricing. Our advice is supported by independent ratings of the various provider’s products with a specific emphasis on benefits that would be paid at claim time.

Step 3: We are available when you need us, and contact you annually to review your plans in terms of changing needs and pricing.

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“One liner Definitions” of Life Insurance Covers

Health Insurance - Most Claimed
Enable’s one to get to the front of the queue in the event of illness for medical treatment. Comprises Hospital Base plan and a Specialists and Tests option. (G.P., vision and dental modules are available but can be pricey)

Income Protection – 2nd Most Claimed
Is a monthly pay-out to help you pay for your living expenses in the event of illness or a serious accident. The amount is typically calculated on 62.5% of your salary and is payable up to age 65 or 70 (also options for 2 yr and 5 yr payment terms). Can be structured as Mortgage Repayment Insurance or based on Household Expenses (Renters) – both of which pay-out on top of any ACC income pay-out due to an accident.

Trauma Cover – 3rd Most Claimed
Lump sum tax free pay-out if you are diagnosed with a critical illness or trauma, the most common being heart, stroke, cancer. Leading insurers offer up to 57 conditions these days. Sadly cancer is now NZ’s no:1 claimed condition.

Total Permanent Disability – 4th Most Claimed
Lump sum tax free pay-out in the event that you can’t do your specific job again due to illness or serious accident. (Own Occupation cover)

Life Insurance - 5th Most Claimed
Lump sum tax free pay-out in the event of your death or you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. Includes payment for your funeral.


Disclaimer: Information regarding each type of cover referred to in this document is to be used as a guide only and is a basic illustration. Please check your final policy documents for exact policy wording on benefits, conditions and costs from the applicable insurer selected and cover opted for. Options can vary according to individual conditions, age, gender, occupation, smoking, and self-employed status.