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We are Independent Life Insurance Professionals, specialists who love helping people protect what matters – their families, businesses and employees.

When a client has to claim due to the unexpected, we are motivated so that they get paid the benefit that we planned for! (of course we don’t want our clients or their families to suffer, but to the extent that they do it is our goal to have provided the needed financial relief)

We do this through Personal Insurance Plans, Group Employee Benefit Schemes, and Business Insurance solutions for self employed Business Owners and Shareholders.

We work with you to understand your genuine needs in the first instance, before recommending insurance solutions from the leading Life Insurance companies in New Zealand. Life Insurance solutions are benefits that are paid out in the event of death or disability (accident or illness).

Life insurance includes Health Insurance, Income Protection/Mortgage Protection, Trauma Cover, Total Permanent Disability and Life Cover. 

Established in 2010, LifeCo Limited provides Life Insurance advice across New Zealand, in face to face meetings and/or on Zoom/ Skype or equivalent.

We know our business and offer a straight up honest financial advisory service - We care when it counts, at claim time!

Picture of Steve Deeble

“Good deeds that meet Genuine Needs”

Steve Deeble is the Principal and Founder of LifeCo Limited and has 20 years plus management consulting experience with corporates, SMEs and individuals. He has 11 years practical Financial and Life Insurance Advisory experience with families, businesses and employee group schemes. He has qualified for seven Life Insurance Advice performance awards and has Hons Bus Admin and B. Soc Sci degrees. As a family man he loves helping people and protecting their families, businesses and employees.


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